If your rental bike is stolen you are considered responsible and must file a report with the competent authorities. However, if you lock the bike lock well, it is very difficult for this to happen. You can also take out theft insurance. Vedi anche: “Le bici sono assicurate?”

Although it is not necessarily your fault, you are responsible for any damage to the e-bike, except that due to normal wear and tear. Treat the rental bike as if it were your own.

Upon request we provide a tire repair kit and a normal bicycle pump. If you know how to fix a flat tire you can continue your tour. Serious damage is rare because our bikes are carefully maintained and have tubeless tyres. Just in case, our business telephone number is listed on each e-bike.

No! When you rent a bike you are responsible for any theft or damage. The risk of theft is minimal if you follow the correct use of the lock according to our instructions. However, you can take out insurance that covers theft. Click here for insurance rates.

The theft insurance taken out when renting one or more bicycles provides for the following conditions:
–    You pay a premium per bike, per day
–    You absolutely must lock your bikes according to the instructions
–    If your bike is stolen or lost you must file a report with the police and get a copy of the report
–    You will lose the €500 security deposit and will be charged for a new lock
–    If you no longer have the keys to the lock you will have to repay the price of the bicycle and the lock.

No, you do not need to leave a security deposit but an e-bike identity document + credit card number. The deposit is not the rental payment: it will be paid when the bike is returned. N.B. Rates are based on cash payment.

No, 2 people cannot ride on our e-bikes: they are not designed for this need!

Yes, all our e-bikes have front and rear lights. Before leaving, make sure you know how to turn them on.

Of course, but as an option. We sincerely suggest requesting them in combination with the rental as the passive safety of the user is very important. The helmets are sanitized with a special spray at each exit.

Yes! Italian traffic laws also apply to you when you use any bicycle, including our rental e-bikes. Adhere scrupulously to the rules and follow the instructions of the companion/instructor.

Of course! Groups of 8 people benefit from a 10% discount if they pay together. We also offer special rates for periods longer than 2 weeks. Contact us to find out more.

E-bikes are heavier than normal mountain bikes (MTBs): depending on the type of bike, including chain and lock, they weigh 23-25 kilos. But you will be surprised by the ease of driving and the assistance of the electric motor!

In high season and during periods with greater tourist influx, booking is necessary to ensure you find the right size based on your height. We recommend at least a week in advance. A deposit of 30% will be required (check the details in the booking section)
Yes, but as an option. A maintenance kit can be requested directly in the shop but we recommend its use only to those who already have skills. To guarantee additional safety and not waste your time in the event of inconveniences, we suggest booking a companion so that he can resolve any inconveniences and can advise on the best solution to the problem.

Certamente. Consultate la sezione apposita per guide in ebike e per visite turistiche ed escursionistiche a piedi. 

We are equipping ourselves but we prefer to provide a guide as the dynamics of the paths and the personal abilities of each user are varied and the experience of the guide is certainly better than a GPS.