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Below are some of the routes recommended by Comin Bike: click on the Wikiloc icon on each map for the technical details of the route, then click on DOWNLOAD to download it, open it with your smartphone or with other methods based on your preferences. You can use the Wikiloc App or the one you prefer or usually use by downloading the file in GPX format by clicking directly on the button under each map.

Valle di Canneto e Rifugio dell'Acquanera

Download file: Rifugio dell'Acquanera.gpx

Giro dei Castelli della Valcomino

Download file: Castelli della Valle.gpx

Campoli Appennino

Download file: Campoli Appennino.gpx

Risalendo le acque del Fibreno

Download file: Lago di Posta Fibreno.gpx

Al passo di Forca D'Acero

Download file: E-Bike Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio e Molise .gpx

Atina Potens

Download file: Atina Potens.gpx

Fossa Maiura

Download file: Fossa Maiura.gpx

Pedalata nel Borgo

Download file: Pedalata nel Borgo.gpx

Settefrati - Picinisco

Download file: Settefrati - Picinisco.gpx

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